We are a SNF certified organization that specializes in the rental of housing (apartments, penthouses, houses and villas). Our focus is mainly on expats and we work for listed companies, multinationals and SMEs. We apply a unique full service concept where landlords, leasing companies and expats have a point of contact and full guidance during the entire rental period. We not only provide a match between landlord and tenant, but we also provide the entire upholstery, furniture, care for (household) equipment, the supply utilities, internet connections, administrative management, cleaning and interim inspections. With both our own technical service and other contracted service companies we offer a 24/7 troubleshooting service used for maintenance and repair on your broken utilities or other objects. But our services go even further. We provide a complete living comfort, tailored to your need. We have listed them below.

We offer you as expat a single point of contact for all accommodation needs. 

  • search for suitable housing;
  • tours of suitable residences;
  • drafting rental agreement;
  • fully upholster, furnish and style the house to tenants’ wishes;
  • delivery of washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and kitchen appliances to tenants’ wishes;
  • delivery of audio equipment to the wishes of the tenant; 
  • complete care of beds and linen and kitchenware;
  • arrange all household utilities;
  • facilitate other requirements (internet, parking permits, cleaning);
  • administrative management;
  • technical management through its own technical service with 24/7 troubleshoot service.

Netbewoond owns numerous residential properties throughout the country suited for expats. All real estate options are well located and easy to reach. Do you need more information, or haven’t found a suitable residence, please contact us. Contact us as well if your current place of living is too far away from your place of work since it is very likely we can help you find a better suited place.